The Huntsman Bespoke Gift Voucher     |     The Huntsman Bespoke Gift Voucher

The Huntsman Bespoke
Gift Voucher


The Huntsman Bespoke Gift Voucher

Since 1849, Huntsman has created extraordinary bespoke clothing for extraordinary people, from aristocrats to Hollywood legends.

We’ve dressed style icons, artists and actors like Coco Chanel, Lucian Freud and Elizabeth Taylor.  We’ve been honoured to serve politicians and royalty from Sir Winston Churchill to Queen Victoria and the King of Tonga.  And we’ve made each one feel unique.

This Christmas, we’re inviting you to make someone special in your life feel unique by sharing the secret and privilege of Huntsman’s exceptional craft with a bespoke service voucher.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift.

Huntsman’s Celebrated Bespoke Service

At Huntsman’s core is our exceptional bespoke service, which has changed little in 170 years.

The lucky recipient of a bespoke service voucher will enjoy the same commitment to service and excellence that we bestow on all our clients, many of who have been with us for decades.

First, they’ll be introduced to one of our client managers who will listen and take heed because we believe character and lifestyle are as important as posture and bearing.  The client manager will guide them through various bespoke styles and our library of exclusive fabrics to help them make the right choices.  Then they’ll be matched with one of our expert cutters before the fabric panels are handed over to the tailor specialising in their garment of choice.

Decisions about fabrics, linings and other details can be as wide-ranging or as simple as they like. Many clients enjoy making their garments uniquely suited to their lifestyle, with hidden pockets for a lipstick, phone, loose change or even an iPad.

It takes time and skill to create a bespoke garment, cut from the finest cloths that will fit like a second skin (it can take up to 80 hours for our artisans to produce one bespoke suit).

But it will be a garment they will never want to take off.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Huntsman’s bespoke service voucher is a gift for all ages, for men and women.  It’s a gift that opens the door for your loved one to a trusted relationship with a Huntsman cutter who will know exactly what colours, patterns and styles will suit them for years to come.

It’s a relationship like no other.

It’s even a gift that can last for generations as many of our bespoke garments are handed down from parent to child as treasured heirlooms.

Celebrate in Style This Christmas

Every personalised voucher is beautifully presented in a sealed envelope with the official Huntsman wax stamp.

Details on how to redeem the voucher are included, but we want our new clients to start enjoying their Huntsman experience straight away. So, each voucher comes with a bottle of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut champagne, neatly packaged in a Huntsman box, ready to be placed under the Christmas tree.

To purchase your voucher chat to us via Live Chat, visit us at in-store at 11 Savile Row or W57th New York, or call us on +44 20 7734 7441.